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There never seems to be an end to the list of things that need to get done around your home. And you never quite seem to have the time to do them. Well, you can call on us for help. Premier Handyman Swansea is the easiest way to make sure that everything gets done around your home. Whether you find yourself in a need a plumber, electrician or just someone that can do those thousand and one odd jobs that you don’t have time for, we are the handyman that you need. We are experienced and offer a professional service that’s great for getting things done at home.

About Us

The sole aim of Premier Handyman Swansea service is to help you get things done around your home. We know that not everyone’s an expert when it comes to getting things done at home. Whether it’s small odd jobs or problems that require a professional, we are the handyman service that you can call on for help. We can handle plumbing, electrical work and other things that can often need to be done at home. This comprehensive range of expertise and experience is coupled with us providing the very best handyman rates as well. So, you can get the handyman you need without having to worry about the cost.

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Our Handyman Swansea Services

Whatever you need done around your home, we are the handyman service that can take care of it. Simply, we do it all. We specialise in plumbing, electrical work and carpentry as well as decorating, including painting, tiling and a number of odd jobs that always seem to pop up around your home. So, if you need anything done, you know that our service has got you covered. We know that time can often get in the way of taking care of things around your home, but that’s something that you no longer have to worry about with us here to help you out.


Our handyman services include tiling. Tiling work, whether it’s installation, repair work or anything else, is a seriously tough job. So, it’s best left to us. We can provide high quality tile work, and repair and maintenance services, that are designed to truly last. Tiles can be a great addition to many rooms in your home for a number of reasons. They’re durable, meaning they can make a great wall and flooring options, and also come in range of patterns and colours making them highly decorative as well.


Plumbing problems in your home are something that can cause real issues. Without an effective and proper solution, you could well find your home experiencing water damage, or even problems with mold growth. Even minor leaks can cause more damage to your home than people realise. Whether it’s a leak or some other plumbing problem that you are faced with, our handyman service can provide the effective and quick solution that you need. We can make sure that your home doesn’t have an additional problems with water or water damage.


Carpentry is also something that we specialise in as part of our handyman range of services. So, if you need a professional and experienced carpenter for any work around your home, we are the service to call. Wooden components around your home are something that you need to keep a real eye on, they can experience a range of problems related to wear and tear, including problems with rot in some cases. Our carpentry service can help you keep everything in order around your home. So there’s no need to worry.


Electrical problems can be a real nightmare for a number of reasons. However, it’s always important to call in a professional service to deal with the problem. Without expertise or experience, trying to deal with any electrical work around your home can be dangerous, even fatal. It’s also important to ensure that you have reliable work done, so that there’s no further risks or any potential hazards. Our service provides a safe, reliable and effective way to deal with a range of electrical problems  that can occur in your home. Our electrician services also cover installations of electrical appliamces, lighting, switches and sockets.

Painting & Decorating

Are you starting to think that the look of your home is in sore need of an update? Then our painting and decorating services might be just what you need. Our painting and related decorating services are an amazing way to breathe some new energy and life into the look of your home. Whether it’s interior painting and decorative services or exterior work, we are the handyman that provides meticulous and professional results that are sure to give the look of your home a real boost.

Odd Jobs

There always seems to be a thousand odd jobs that need to be done around your home, and we know that you often don’t have the time or expertise required to tackle them yourself. Well, that’s not a problem, that’s what our service is here for. Any of those little odd jobs that always seem to pop up are something that we can take care of to. This includes flat pack assembles, tv aerial installations and a whole lot more. So, it’s easy to make sure that everything little thing in your home gets done.

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We know that there’s always things that you need done around your home, so why not get in touch with our handyman service right now? Our handyman service provides the perfect way to make sure that all those little odd jobs that are piling up around your home get done. We specialise in a range of services including electrical work, plumbing and even carpentry. You can contact Premier Handyman Swansea by using any of the contact information that’s provided on our website.